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Estate Planning, Probate Law, Debt Relief And Other Issues In Williamsville, New York

A Spirit Of Service

Denis A. Kitchen, P.C., Attorney at Law, is a Williamsville, New York, law office that is motivated by a spirit of service to its clients and its community.

Attorney Denis A. Kitchen chose the law because he saw it as a way to help other people through difficult times. He has been a practicing lawyer now for 40 years, but he still keeps that spirit of service in his practice. He treats every client with respect and compassion as he seeks to help them resolve current issues, avoid future problems and plan for a brighter future.

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Debt Relief

Millions of Americans struggle with credit card bills, mortgages, medical bills and other forms of debt. For many people, an illness, an injury, the loss of a job or some other setback can make this personal debt impossible to overcome without help. Denis A. Kitchen, P.C., Attorney at Law, helps individuals and business clients get relief from debt through Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy and other types of debt relief.

Estate Planning, Probate And Estate Administration

The Williamsville law office helps people plan for their own futures and those of their loved ones through drafting wills, trusts and other estate planning documents. It also helps loved ones through the often challenging processes of probate and estate administration, and helps resolve estate-related disputes through probate litigation.

Matrimonial And Family Law

Matrimonial and family law issues such as divorce, child custody and child support are difficult for everyone involved. Attorney Denis A. Kitchen treats clients with compassion as he provides patient, determined and experienced representation in these areas.

Personal Injury

The injured and their families deserve compensation when they have suffered due to the negligence or bad acts of another party. Denis A. Kitchen helps client recover the compensation they deserve.

Individuals And Businesses

In addition to the legal areas listed above, Denis A. Kitchen, P.C., Attorney at Law, provides excellent representation for individuals and businesses in business law, real estate, criminal defense and other areas.

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Denis A. Kitchen, P.C., Attorney at Law, is a debt relief agent. The law office helps people file for bankruptcy protection under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

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