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Wills vary from the simple to the complex. For most wills, we try to simplify the process. Just call and ask. We will send you our simplified will information form from which we will prepare the following:

1) a Will
2) a Living Will, designating your wishes regarding life support
3) a Health Care Proxy, appointing an individual to make health care decisions if you are unable to
4) a Power of Attorney, appointing an agent to handle your affairs

We will submit drafts of these documents for your approval and arrange for you to come in and sign the documents. The cost for a simple will, including the other documents as well, is $150 for a single and $250 for a couple.

We can also help with more complex estate planning, and can arrange for specialized tax counseling if necessary. Finally, if you do experience the loss of a loved one, we can handle all legal aspects of probate & estate administration including the probating of the will, appointment of an administrator if there is no will, assisting the executor or administrator in handling all estate matters, and accounting and closing the estate. In addition, we have had courtroom experience involving estate litigation and will contests.

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